I spent many years as a designer before I became a software developer. I bring a great deal of design and user experience expertise to every software development project that I am a part of.

Man Month Software Website

Website - Man Month Software

Concept, Design, Development - Personal

Business concept, information architecture, website design, copy, and development. While serving as an independent software developer, I came up with the idea for a new business and created a website to represent it.

Pear Studios Website

Website - Pear Studios

Concept, Design, Development - Personal

Business concept, information architecture, website design, content, and development. This is the company site of my now retired multimedia design and production company.

Vector Illustration Library

Vector Illustration Library

Design, Development, Management - Microsoft

Prototyped, designed, developed initial illustrations, chose production artists, and managed production of a massive vector illustration library. This library is used exclusively within Training & Certification's animated and illustrated content.

The use of this library has expanded into Microsoft's web based media and eLearning content due to its high quality and small file size.

samples old vs. new production doc



Design, Production - Microsoft

Following a pre-existing script, I designed and developed every aspect of this animation for Microsoft internal training.

At 20 megabytes, this animation was intended for intranet usage. It will take a few minutes for the movie to load and play after clicking on the following link:

view animation


Sattelite Illustration

Concept, Modeling, Rendering - Pear Studios

I pitched the concept and worked with a creative team to develop the idea of a deep space sattelite as a metaphor for adventure and exploration.

I modeled, textured, and rendered all elements within this scene.

sattelite image

House Rendering

Architectural Rendering

Modeling, Rendering - Pear Studios

An architect wanted an attractive rendering of a proposed house plan using only the model's blueprints.

I modeled, textured, and rendered this house on the accelerated schedule of a single day.

house rendering

Crane Rendering

Crane Rendering

Modeling, Rendering - Pear Studios

I was called upon to visualize a newly prototyped crane in its proposed working environment. I modeled the crane using product blueprints and rendered a series of stills and animations.

crane rendering

Frightened Chicken

Frightened Chicken Video

Lighting, Compositing - TK Productions

I served as lighting director during the shoot of a live chicken. Using 3D animation and compositing techniques I had the chicken's eyes popping out of its head for a broadcast commercial.

view video

Animation Interface

Animation Interface

Design - Pear Studios

I was asked to create the design for an animation interface skin for a media player. Following the instruction of a lead designer I rapidly developed an easy to use animation interface skin.

interface image