Rocket Lifting Off


I am a passionate and motivated software developer with more than 9 years of industry experience designing and developing cross-platform applications for both large and small organizations.

What I enjoy most is turning complex and difficult requirements into simple, elegant, and easy to use applications. My aim for every new project is that the users will never need to crack open the documentation and will be able to jump directly into operation.

I am a very goal oriented individual, but I pride myself on being a friendly colleague who works well with coworkers and clients. Software can only work as well as it models a problem space within a domain. Taking the time to be patient and curiously question and listen to the domain experts is the foundation of any successful project.

It is terribly fun to construct beautiful, maintainable, and powerful machines. Commodity computing hardware is so fast and software is so amazingly powerful that the only limit within many endeavors is our imagination. My ongoing career goal is to continue to refine my craft while knocking the socks off of the companies that I work for.